Modern Pine Windows

Wooden windows are an eco-friendly and beautiful combination of practicality and comfort. They provide a perfect protection from dust, moisture and noise. A wooden window is made of composite joist 45, 60 or 78 mm wide, depending on the climate it is used in. A wider joist allows to keep the air between the double grazed panels. This is a perfect way to keep the house warm during the winter and cool during the summer.


The joist used in pine windows have radial or semi-radial cut which gives an elegant touch to the front side. Once the full cycle of works is complete a pine window becomes a masterpiece combining technological rigour and the beauty of natural material.

Pine windows are light, cheap and resistant to the temperature changes. This makes them a perfect combination of quality and price.

Technical Parameters

  • Materials – pine composite joist 45×60 mm
  • Adjucent glue KLEIBERIT (Germany) provides water resistance of D4 standard.
  • Timber moisture level 8÷10 %
  • Signle double glazed panel 18 mm (4-10-4) by STIS.
  • Adjustable OTLAV (Italy)
  • Compressor DEVENTER (Germany)
  • Lock 3P (Russia)
  • Hermetic cover on both sides of the double glazed panel
  • The window is supplied with a handle
  • The hole for the handle is covered with a replacement panel to keep it secure during transportation
  • Coefficient of heat absorbtion: м2*с/Wт: 0,32
  • Soundproofing coefficient: 25 dB

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