Durable Oak Windows

Wooden windows are an eco-friendly and beautiful combination of practicality and comfort. They provide a perfect protection from dust, moisture and noise. A wooden window is made of composite joist 45, 60 or 78 mm wide, depending on the climate it is used in. A wider joist allows to keep the air between the double grazed panels. This is a perfect way to keep the house warm during the winter and cool during the summer.


The natural structure of oak changes over time. It becomes richer in colour and darker. The oak joist requires significant work, therefore, it is more expensive than other types of timber. However, nothing can beat such joist in its strength and duability. Oak windows are usually light-yellow, light-pink or red-purple in coulour. This makes them a perfect combination with most of the interiours. Thus, oak windows add a soft contrast to the interiour dominated by purple, brown, grey or other dark colours. The same goes for the facade of the building.

Technical Parameters

  • Material: oak, larch, oak, composite joist 84×86 mm.
  • Glue KLEIBERIT (Germany), moisture resistance D4.
  • Timber moisture level 8÷10 %
  • Single panek 224-40mm (single- and double-framed)
  • Adjustable hinges MACO (Germany).
  • Compressor DEVENTER (Germany).
  • Lock MACO (Germany).
  • Hermetic cover on both sides of the double glazed panel
  • Handles
  • Alluminium drain Neckar.
  • Ventilation holes
  • Grooves for the windowsill
  • Gooves for the construction foam around the panel
  • The quality of the surface does not require any additional work to be pained over.
  • Coefficient of heat absorbtion: м2*с/Wт: 0,37
  • Soundproofing coefficient: 27 dB

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